Temporarily closed - we'll be back really soon!

Hello lovely customers! Most prints for the store are produced to order using a local small printing company. Unfortunately they are currently struggling to meet orders deadlines because of staff cuts related to the pandemic and have been prioritising larger volume customers. This has been causing delays with fulfilling orders. For that reason we've decided to temporarily close the store while we catch up on shipping. We don't like keeping customers waiting. We'll be relaunching in the next week or two with a smaller and gradually expanding range of prints (that are kept in stock for quick dispatch) in conjunction with our friends at www.uniquelygeekly.com - We can't wait to welcome you back and fill your home with more of the relentlessly cheerful fun that is the art of James Hance. Thankyou!

Existing customers - email us at store@jameshance.co.uk with any order enquiries.