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About James Hance

Welcome to the UK and European branch of the James Hance empire.. Wait, probably not empire, rebel alliance?

This store is purely to enable those fans of James work outside the USA/Canada to be able to get their hands on his much sought after creations.

Who is James?

For those browsing over here who are unfamiliar with James he is an englishman who defected to the dark side... Now living in the sunny state of Florida he produces a constant outpouring of brilliance that delights fans; new and old.  His work feeds on something that was rooted deep down inside of many of us at an early age.  Luckily he's feeding on our smiles and pumping out pure joy.

His work references many aspects of pop culture as well as more classical art works. Whatever the project though it will always raise a smile and unite generations with the playful, fun nature that is a constant in everything he does.

To learn more about James and his work visit www.jameshance.com or find him on facebook

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